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Experience the fusion of creativity and digital design. I believe that design is not just about aesthetics, but about creating memorable and meaningful connections through technology.

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I use a blend of art and science to craft innovative digital experiences that transport users to new and exciting destinations. From stunning websites to intuitive mobile applications, my goal is to inspire and delight through thoughtful design.

//: JUNG-GAEIN – 중개인 //

UC Health was disappointed in an uninspiring solution driven by an out-of-touch agency with an underresearched, dataless approach. They called me.

//: SARANG – 사랑’ //

Swedish personal trainer Linn Lowes knows how to take on a challenge. After surviving cancer, she built a huge fitness following, but needed a team to take her mobile app Athli to the next level. I led the charge.

//: HANGSANG BAEUNEUN – 항상 배우는 //


At Pivotal, our team was always vexed by customers who had invested time and money on a world-changing platform, only to see it go unused. I solved the problem.

Design strategy is a meeting point between what's valuable for customers and what's profitable for the business. It is a combination of business strategy and user experience strategy. Help the business help people. I love helping everyone get on the same page by managing stakeholders, negotiating goals, and casting the right vision.
I have deep knowledge of end-to-end processes and production in all product practice areas, including UX design, UI design, Content Strategy, Visual Identity, Testing, Launch, and Activation. With almost 3 decades of award-winning design experience, I bring the highest standards. Where I have weaknesses, I have connections. I thrive putting the right people in the right place at the right time.
Every experience needs support, which is why we offer customizable workshops, training, coaching, and mentoring. Whether it's Problem Framing, Stakeholder Alignment, Journey Mapping, Design Sprints, Product Design Strategy, or maybe even just some upskilling, I ready to help bring about change. I want to help businesses with their digital challenges, but I am committed to practical, needle-moving business solutions and agnostic as to how. 


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